The Anti-Romantic Child

Book: The Anti-Romantic Child: A Memoir of Unexpected Joy

Author: Priscilla Gilman, her writing has been featured in The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, and The New York Times. This is her first book.

Genre: Memoir

Readers: University administrator Stacie, stay at home mom Colleen B., production coordinator Joanna and policy wonk  BakingSuit.

Summary:  Priscilla Gilman, a teacher of romantic poetry who embraced Wordsworth’s vision of childhood’s spontaneous wonder, eagerly anticipated the birth of her first child, certain that he would come “trailing clouds of glory.” But as Benjamin grew, his remarkable precocity was associated with a developmental disorder that would dramatically alter the course of Priscilla’s dreams.

In The Anti-Romantic Child, a memoir full of lyricism and light, Gilman explores our hopes and expectations for our children, our families, and ourselves—and the ways in which experience may lead us to re-imagine them. Using literature as a touchstone, Gilman reveals her journey through crisis to joy, illuminating the flourishing of life that occurs when we embrace the unexpected.The Anti-Romantic Child is a profoundly moving and compellingly universal book about family, parenthood, and love.

Read It If You Love: Romantic Poetry, Parenting Nonfiction, Confessional Memoir

Skip It If You Hate: Romantic Poetry, The Ivy League, Upper-Class Parents

For Book Clubs That Are Interested In: Memoir, Parenting, Special Needs  (Check out the Reading Group Guide)

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The Hollow Man

Book: The Hollow Man

Author: Oliver Harris

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Reviewers: Librarian Zoë, research tech Rosie T., victim advocate MJ, University administrator Stacie and event coordinator Kathy.

Publisher Summary:  Waking up on Hampstead Heath not far from a crashed squad car, Detective Nick Belsey wants out—out of London and out of the endless complications of his life. When Alexei Devereux, a wealthy hermit, vanishes, leaving behind a suicide note and his Porsche, Belsey discovers an opportunity—a new identity and a fortune—waiting for the taking.

Unfortunately, there are others who share the detective’s interest in Devereux, including Scotland Yard. A dead rich man with suspicious financial holdings is bound to have some dangerous ties and a few ruthless enemies. Now, Belsey and his clever plan are about to be overshadowed by far more ambitious players with their own brilliant—and deadly—scheme.

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