Dreams and Shadows

Title: Dreams and Shadows

Author: C. Robert Cargill. He spent years as a film writer on the web and is the co-screenwriter for the recent horror film Sinister.

Genre: Fantasy

Readers: Bookseller Pam, professors Michal and JoLee, victim advocate MJ and Gigi in publishing.

Summary: There is another world than our own—one no closer than a kiss and one no further than our nightmares—where all the stuff of which dreams are made is real and magic is just a step away. But once you see that world, you will never be the same.

Dreams and Shadows takes us beyond this veil. Once bold explorers and youthful denizens of this magical realm, Ewan is now an Austin musician who just met his dream girl, and Colby, meanwhile, cannot escape the consequences of an innocent wish. But while Ewan and Colby left the Limestone Kingdom as children, it has never forgotten them. And in a world where angels relax on rooftops, whiskey-swilling genies argue metaphysics with foul-mouthed wizards, and monsters in the shadows feed on fear, you can never outrun your fate.

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