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Why choose Red Letter Reads to publicize your book?

We offer a great alternative from the crazy mass of reviews on large sites like Amazon or Goodreads. We provide reviews that are more friendly and approachable than professional book reviewers or book bloggers. Our readers are your customers, all kinds of different lives and tastes.

When we review a book it’s like getting it into a virtual book club, where some people may love it and some may hate it, but everyone has something to say. We also keep the same group of reviewers so people can follow along and find a reviewer with similar tastes.

We do not limit ourselves to any particular genre. Instead, we know that while some people stick to one or two favorite kinds of books, a lot of us read anything and everything, especially if it’s good. Our readers make their own preferences known and find similar books that can help someone know if a book is a good fit for them.

Your book deserves its perfect reader and we’re dedicated to helping that happen.

If you’re interested in submitting a book for review on Red Letter Reads, please email or go to our Contact page.

Books should be received at least one month before publication. We require at least 5 copies for each book we review.

At this time our emphasis is on traditionally published books, but we will consider e-books and/or self-published books.

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