So you want to know if you should read that new bestseller. There are reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, but with so many hundreds to sort through, how do you know if a book is right for you?

You ask your friends for a new book to read and you get responses all over the map. One person loves that new book and another one hates it.

Think of us as your own little book club. We have readers just like you, all different kinds, who will look at a book and give their honest opinion. We’ll tell you what kind of books our reviewers like. And if you find a reader who likes the same books that you do, you’ll be able to see all their reviews in one place to find other new books to read.

Our unique reviews will look at each book through several different lenses. A new historical romance? We’ll give it to mystery readers, chick-lit lovers and fantasy nerds. We want every reader to see if a book is up their alley whether it’s part of their comfort zone or not. And honestly, almost all of our readers will read any genre if it’s good and we think most of the world is the same way.

We want to be the place to go for busy readers who want to know which new books will surprise them and what they should add to their nightstand. Did their favorite author deliver or is that new book in the series a dud? We want to challenge you to read outside the box and try a new genre or author.

For information or questions contact RedLetterReads@gmail.com

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