Book Blitz: Dicey Grenor

We’re really excited to be a part of this summer’s Author Blitz put together by Books and Broomsticks. We are the proud hosts of author Dicey Grenor, who’s kind enough to answer far too many of our questions. We’re also giving away an e-copy of her Narcoleptic Vampire series to one lucky winner so be sure to keep reading…

You can see the Blitz schedule here. And join in on their Facebook event today, July 26th, at 3 pm!

Let’s start by talking about your books! You wrote the Narcoleptic Vampire series following your protagonist Sleepy Willow. Can you introduce people who aren’t familiar with it to a little bit about what they can expect from this series?

Thank you for having me on your blog today! The Narcoleptic Vampire Series is edgy. It’s raw and hardcore. It’s for adults who like characters that aren’t perfect and story lines that aren’t formulaic. Sleepy Willow is a vampire with narcolepsy, who works in a fetish club as a Necrophilia Specialist, and has a love interest with a personality disorder. This is during an era when vampirism is illegal, and Willow’s fighting with her maistre vampire for freedom from his tyranny. There are quite a few supernatural creatures to follow as the series goes on. On one layer, there are shocking sex scenes, taboo situations, and dysfunction all around. For those willing to dig deeper, there is a layer that encourages readers to think about their own world views and how they relate to others.

Did you always want to write about vampires? Or did it just happen by chance?

I’ve always wanted to write, and I’ve always loved vampire stories. It was only a matter of time before my passion for both would merge. Coming up with a unique concept in this saturated genre was difficult, but important to me, particularly because I wanted my work to stand out. Once I became serious about writing a novel, I wrote SHAMEFUL first, hoping a vampire idea would come soon. It did. Getting my first novel out of the way, gave me the momentum I needed. Fresh ideas for my vampire series flowed easily after that. I moved full steam ahead to my heart’s content. If I happen to end up being the last person writing about vampires, that would be A-ok with me. It’s in my blood.

So… narcolepsy. Definitely not something I’ve seen with vampires or romance novels before. Where did the inspiration come from for that?

Ah. Thank you. Being different was part of my grand scheme. *smile* Hubby and I were discussing dangerous situations a vampire might find him or herself in. He brought up narcolepsy as a joke, and we had fun with it. But once it came to mind, I couldn’t shake the idea, and decided to write my main character with the condition. I intended to write humorous situations, but still remain respectful of anyone who actually lived with the disorder. A few readers with narcolepsy and some who work professionally with sleep disorders have expressed their thanks and admiration for how I’ve treated the subject matter. That warms my heart to no end.

Do you have a “type” of reader? Romance lovers? Paranormal lovers? Or do you find your book attracts all kinds of readers?

I’d love for everyone to read my books and think they are the greatest inventions since sliced bread, but that will never happen. I definitely have a target audience: paranormal romance lovers who want something different, unpredictable, AND prefer their books to be edgy. If you’re squeamish or easily offended over profanity, explicit sex, graphic violence, and/or taboo situations, my books are not for you. There are plenty of other people who write those books. I’m interested in going against the grain. I warn people to death about them, so I no longer feel guilty when someone reads my books out of curiosity and become offended. They were warned. I have no intent of watering down my content to gain mainstream attention or to avoid offending anyone. I just have to put the extra time into finding my audience, but I know those readers are out there, since I am one of them.

You keep a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a Youtube channel. Do you enjoy the extra engagement with your readers? Is it a lot of work?

I really do enjoy interacting with my readers. When they are fans who love my work, it is the best thrill ever to receive that love from them. If it’s someone who didn’t enjoy my book, it is depressing as hell. You have to take the good with the bad, I suppose, and all things in between. Yes, it IS a lot of work, but it can be very rewarding. There are times when I cannot maintain my pages effectively—like right now, during these summer months. When that happens, I still make it a point to respond to each person that contacts me. I may not be posting regularly, but I will not let an opportunity to engage with a reader pass me by.

What have you been reading lately? Any must-reads?

I’ve been reading books that are as off-the-wall as the ones I write, maybe more so. My favorites from the past few weeks are: Heat by R. Lee Smith, Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas, and Tangled by Emma Chase. Do not approach Heat and Comfort Food casually. They are must-reads for those who can handle it, but NOT for everyone. Do not attempt to read those two if you cannot handle graphic violence, explicit sex, and hardcore situations. Tangled is hilariously written from a male’s POV. I post reviews on Goodreads for anyone with similar reading interests to follow.


Thanks so much to Dicey for answering our questions. And now you can win an e-copy of her 3-book Narcoleptic Vampire Series!

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