Red Letter Gifts:
Our Favorite Subscriptions

Some of the best gifts are the ones that keep giving all year long. Here are some of our favorites for the reader in your life.


From Powell’s, $39.95 per installment.

Visit Scenic Powells.comMust love: modern fiction, surprises, supporting small businesses, all things hip and new.

Every 6 weeks Powell’s puts together a box for their Indiespensable program. These aren’t just gift boxes, they’re carefully thought out packages that contain more than just books. You’ll find beautiful editions, signed copies, books that follow some kind of theme. One recent Indiespensable box contained a signed first edition complete with special features including an author Q&A, a chapbook with essays from a not-yet-published nonfiction book on music and a Hohner harmonica.

Audible Gift Membership

1 FREE Audiobook RISK-FREE from Audible
From Audible, $45 for 3 months, $90 for 6 months, $150 for 12 months.

For the reader who: lives in the car, lives in the gym, lives with their headphones on.

Here at Red Letter Reads, we’ve been the fortunate recipient of a 3-month gift membership to Audible. And it’s better than ever. Now checking out audiobooks on cd from the library is so 20th century. You can now play your audiobooks on your smartphone. It’s a big game changer. We’ve been known to turn on a book through the Auxiliary hookup in the car, while we’re out and about, or just while we’re cleaning the kitchen. And the book credits you get through your membership are good for any book, big or small. Their library is pretty fantastic, great if you have a picky reader on your hands. Also great for teens.

The New York Review of Books

From Amazon, $3.49 per month for Kindle edition, $74.95 for 12 months of print edition

If your recipient is: serious, smartest guy in the room, loves essays, a consumer of books and current events.

If you know someone who thinks The New Yorker is just so juvenile with all those cartoons, hook them up with the New York Review of Books. If you’re only going to read one literary magazine, this is the one to get. This isn’t a magazine you can finish while you get a pedicure. Full of deep and thoughtful essays and reviews, this is a great gift for the year. Just be ready for the knowledge smackdown that’s headed your way from your super-informed gift recipient.


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