Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

While we’re waiting to go live, I asked some of our Readers to give their input on on of the biggest books of the summer: Gone Girl.

It seems like this was everybody’s beach read this year, and everybody was talking about how fast they got through it.

Our goal here at Red Letter Reads is to give you more than one perspective on a book so you can find your perfect match. Today we’re using Gone Girl to give you a little preview of the kind of reviews we hope to offer. Here’s what some of our Red Letter Readers had to say:

Cait: I love being swept away by a taut thriller; fantastic prose and great characters don’t hurt either. I read Gone Girl in less than 24 hours, and Gillian Flynn’s ability with words is a thing of beauty. The delicious experience of reading this book with no foreknowledge of the plot is too good to spoil for anyone else, so I won’t elaborate. Suffice it to say that Gone Girl‘s popularity this summer is entirely earned. Grade: A

Kimberly: I just finished Gone Girl by Gillian Fynn. I gulped that book down, racing toward the last page. Racing, like Olympic-gold-medal-15-seconds-to-the-finish-line racing. I was surprised by how much—and how quickly—I was hooked in, and that makes it, for this reader, a perfect summer book. I so enjoy page-turners, those got-to-find-out-what-happens-next reads. Gone Girl has all that—plus it’s well-written, and features some great plot twists and compelling characters. Grade: A-

Mary LizGone Girl by Gillian Flynn has a ripped from the headlines plot line. The beautiful wife, Amy Dunne, goes missing and as days go by her husband’s guilty appearance intensifies. Only in this version of the story, I was never convinced that Nick had done away with Amy. With the evidence stacking up against Nick and the people in his life slowly turning their backs on him the author seems to be trying too hard to convince the reader that Nick is guilty. Also where was the suspense? For a book categorized as a thriller there was very little that was thrilling about it. I wanted to be on the edge of my seat as I followed along with Nick on his scavenger hunt to find his missing wife but the excitement of playing detective fell flat by the middle of the search. Near the end of the book, Amy’s story unfolds and it is here that the most interesting tidbit of information is revealed. Her perspective on personality traits could make for a intensely dark and disturbing story but here it was just too little too late. This tale of marital psychological warfare was overall disappointing. Grade: C

Abby R.: I found Gone Girl to be completely gripping.  In the context of a “ripped-from-the-headlines” tale of a woman’s disappearance on the morning of her fifth wedding anniversary, Flynn managed to weave a universal narrative of the fears, doubts, and struggles that could creep up in any relationship.  The book’s dueling narrators — Amy (the “gone girl”), and Nick (her husband and the object of police suspicion in her disappearance) — were so utterly believable, even in their lies to readers and to each other, that I never would have guessed the true culprit.  To me, Gone Girl is the ultimate page-turner, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an up-all-night psychological thrill ride! Grade: A


Thanks, readers, for your input! What did you think of Gone Girl ?

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  1. I gave this 3-4 stars based on the creativity and mild suspense, but I grew tired of the Nick & Amy Show by Part 3. I eventually didn’t care what happened to either one of them and lost respect for Nick. As for the ending, there was no other way.

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